Leaders know the importance of having someone in their lives who will unfailingly and fearlessly tell them the truth.

Providing and receiving feedback effectively is a difficult skill to master. Regular and consistent feedback and communication keeps the relationship strong. It is not only a personal process but also a collaborative one. Over the years, I believe that individuals cannot truly develop themselves unless they are receptive to continuous and deep learning, as well as listenting feedbacks from others. Therefore, I’m also in the learning way to apply this practice and try to become a better version of myself day by day.

As the year end and holiday seasons come, I see it’s quite a good time to send a couples of questions to my team members/colleagues to see how would they see me in their eyes 🙂 And I found something interesting as below…

Luckily, my team members think that I am able to plan/organize thing well, but definitely there’re still many rooms for improving my problem solving skill since even 1/3 of people chose “maybe” option if 1st question 🙂 

The same result goes for motivating & inspiring people. Inspite of the fact that I always try to do these kind of things whenever I have chance with my members in work, maybe I still didn’t do enough. 

Part of managing an employee is making sure that they’re effective/productive and getting their work done. But there’s so much more. If you want to bring out the best of them, you have to continually support their growth and one of the best ways to do this is by having career development conversations with them. Through out this feedback survey, I find out that this one is certaily my deficiency.

Just by seeing some simple results above, I could know where are my areas need to improve for next year, in short term and for my career in the long run. Overally, the result is not bad and honestly I’m quite happy with the following one :))

Of course leading people is one of the most dificult things :)) Ones who choose this as their career path need to be lifelong learners and be very good listeners. Hopefully I could continously learn and sharpen this skill in the future 🙂