Many of us may now endure the longest-ever WFH duration due to pandemic. There is no more travel, business trip, even going out side for relax or meeting our relatives. With an out-going and social mind person like me, it’s really a disaster which could make people feeling pessimistic and increase the level of anxiety, especially when there are bad news about Covid situation everyday… More terribly, we still have to work on a daily-basis, but now it requires us a double level of concentration due to distraction from our child and home-activities like washing, cooking, cleaning, just to name a few… 😂

So, how could I keep a positive thinking during this period of time? 

Basically my daily activities these days could wrap in below things.

  • Working/meeting all day long 
  • Taking care of my child/ playing with him
  • Cooking, cleaning…
  • “Gardening”

And by enjoy doing more and more of above things, I find out that besides working, the last 3 items all really make me feel happy these days 😇. We actually don’t have much time to do those kind of stuff if we still have to go to the office day-by-day. So it’s not so bad to WFH during pandemic duration, huh? 🙂 

Few days ago, my Department conducted a Photo contest for associates to show up their working place in WFH time. Taking this chance, one early morning I decided to take up my gear, switched on my camera, which I have actually not touched in the past 3 years. In one moment, my love of photography suddenly coming back and thanks to that, I have the photos u actually see in this post.

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

For photos of my cooking, I feel it’s more appropriate to post on my FB for this post, you could check out some photos of my “garden” to see how well I did the “gardening” 😉